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  • Noemie

    120.00 ¥
    Visits: 371
    I am interested in language learning. Feel free to chat with me~
  • Dario C.

    120.00 ¥
    Visits: 335
    My name is Dario C. and I am from a little Italian village, close to Rome. I studied in Venice Unive...
  • Rynn

    80.00 ¥
    Visits: 331
    Currently studying abroad in Beijing. I am a cheerful girl and smiles a lot. Feel free to talk to me...
  • Sofia P.

    120.00 ¥
    Visits: 317
    My name is SOFIA P. and I am from Guba . I graduated in Beijing Language and Culture University and ...
  • Qiaoyu

    100.00 ¥
    Visits: 285
    I am interdisciplinary and cross-cultural. My academic background of foreign languages, internationa...
  • George

    90.00 ¥
    Visits: 279
    Hi guys! My name is George. I'm a musician. Chat with me!
  • Sunny Wang

    100.00 ¥
    Visits: 279
    Hi, everyone! I'm Sunny, from China. I was a Chinese volunteer teacher for half a year at Confucius ...
  • Rachel

    80.00 ¥
    Visits: 200
    I’m lazy and I have nothing special. Just joking. I can help you with Chinese and Chinese culture.
  • Xinyi Liu

    100.00 ¥
    Visits: 184
    Hi guys! My mother tongue is Chinese, and I’m also fluent in English and Russian. It would my great ...
  • Vera K.

    90.00 ¥
    Visits: 168
    Hello! I'm Vera K. Very happy to have a talk with you!
  • Mélissa

    120.00 ¥
    Visits: 156
    I am a native speaker of French and Portuguese. I'm studying at La Sorbonne in Paris to become a fre...
  • Sam

    80.00 ¥
    Visits: 145
    Struggling in Arabic learning.
  • Heather

    80.00 ¥
    Visits: 143
    I enjoy traveling and meeting new friends. Willing to share my experience in language learning.
  • Milto Sergey

    90.00 ¥
    Visits: 119
    I would love to help you achieve your Russian speaking goals. From basic day-to-day conversational R...
  • George

    90.00 ¥
    Visits: 84
    Study different languages for many years.
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